Restoration for Victims of War & Violence

Route: Kajjansi-Entebbe-Goma-Lodja-Bukavu-Kisangani-Gemena-Kisangani-Bukavu-Goma-Entebbe In the world of a MAF pilot, life is never predictable, but especially now with the current Covid19 crisis, you never know what a day is going to bring. An admirable trait I have observed over the years of working with MAF is the way they will determinedly find a way through when […]

The Skies are Open

With long awaited relief, MAF Uganda were given permission from the CAA to fly passengers domestically after a 6 month wait. The program are required to meet health restrictions and between each flight the plane needs to be thoroughly cleaned before more passengers board. Lutheran World Federation’s Unprecedented Challenge addressing Covid19. On our first flight, […]