MAF Medevac

A Stable Way to TravelThomas Oketekene had experienced severe back problems for over 3 years after working behind a desk in a bank for 30 years. His spine deteriorated and for 1.5 years Thomas was unable to walk. He was able to access surgery in Kampala, but he and his wife didn’t know how to tackle the 5-hour, bumpy ride home after the operation. Mrs Oketekene heard from a colleague that MAF could help medevac her husband. She visited the MAF Kajjansi office and was so relieved when the booking team arranged for Thomas and her to fly home.

Thomas was keen to pass on his thanks, ‘I want to say thank you so much to MAF because I couldn’t work out how I could return to Gulu. I also had to stay in a hotel for my recovery after being discharged but when MAF offered to help us we were able to fly home earlier. It was difficult for me to imagine being flown by MAF. I’m from a very humble background and this is my first time in a small plane. When I saw the plane I wondered, ‘This is so small…how will it be up in the sky?’ But it’s very stable!’

Thomas hasn’t a job to return to but he’s returning with new vision and motivation after his flight. ‘After what I’ve experienced with MAF, I want to get into humanitarian work and touch lives the way MAF has touched mine.’ This medevac to Gulu not only brought Thomas comfortably home but seems to have impacted his direction for life.

Story: Jill Vine