15 Dec
MAF Medevacs

Day to day life in remote Uganda is hazardous to say the least, and MAF has recently flown two medical evacuations for people of the cloth. A Sacred Heart Sister seriously hurt her back in a boda boda (motorcycle) accident, and more recently a priest working in Arua had to be urgently flown because he had broken his pelvis, femur, and hip in another boda accident.

MAF Uganda MedevacsEarlier this year, MAF received a call from the General Vicar to urgently transport Father Augustine Bayo, aged 50, from Arua. On the way to attending mass, Father Augustine went to make a left turn on his motorbike when another passing motorbike collided into him, fracturing his arm and hip and also crushing his calf bone. St Joseph’s hospital in Arua worked on Father Augustine first-hand but his multiple injuries made it necessary to transfer him quickly to St Francis’ hospital in Kampala. The patient had never flown before but on this first flight his life was assured a better ending than if he’d been transported by road from Arua.

Father Augustine’s accompanying colleague told me, ‘I really know that MAF is helping. We appreciated MAF’s commitment and their immediate response. We called in the evening at 5pm and then we had confirmation at 6pm that Augustine would be picked up at 11am the following morning’.

We feel honoured to be able to support the ministry of these faithful messengers of the Gospel as they go about their day-to-day work, but it is also comforting to know that when they need us most, we are able to get them to the medical assistance they need.

Jill Vine, MAF Communications