Plane taking off at Kajjansi airfield

Cessna 206

Our Cessna 206 can carry up to 380 kg of freight or passengers, dependant on fuel requirements. The rugged 206 is specifically configured to enable it to take off and land at from shorter airstrips.

  • Single engine piston aircraft
  • Carries 3-4 passengers / 380 kg
  • Cruising speed 240 km/h

Cessna 208

Cessna 208 Caravan

Our turbine powered Cessna 208s have the capacity for up to 12 passengers or larger amounts of cargo. Fitted with a pod underneath, there is room for passengers and freight to be carried simultaneously. Its short field take-off and landing capabilities make it ideal for accessing the smaller airfields in remoter areas of Uganda.

  • Single engined turbine aircraft
  • Carries up to 12 passengers / 1000 kg
  • Cruising speed 270 km/h