While on a shopping trip with another MAF family, a woman overheard our conversation mentioning MAF. She proceeded to tell me how her daughter had been rescued by MAF just a few weeks back. The details and timing of how her daughter happened to be able to join a flight that had just arrived in Arua was a God-intervention which changed what could have been a very different ending to this story.

MAF Uganda MedevacHer daughter explained her story to me, ‘I’d had an ear infection for over a month which wasn’t going away and being based a long way from anywhere, we didn’t have the correct medicine to fight the infection. I planned to fly to the closest town to us, Torit, to buy better medicine but the day before the flight I began to feel quite unwell. The AIM plane I took to Torit was continuing onto Arua, Uganda, so I decided to go there and then would make my way by road for a 9 hour trip to Entebbe. Coincidentally, every-time I’ve ever had any illness that has needed medical help, there’s always been an AIM flight available in our area. The morning we left Torit we were delayed due to bad weather. On the flight I began to feel worst and by the time we arrived in Arua I was shaking so badly I could hardly fill out my immigration form. Just as our flight landed a MAF flight arrived which was due to depart for Kajjansi. The MAF pilot graciously added me to the flight at the last minute. On the flight my fever continued to spike and I became weaker and weaker. By the time we landed I couldn’t stand to get off the plane without passing out. The MAF team helped me get to a taxi which my mum had arranged to meet me at the airfield. We went directly to the hospital where I was admitted for dehydration, malaria, amoebas and also for the ear infection. Can you believe my original plan to take a 9 hour bus trip from Arua to Entebbe! I am so thankful for the aviation ministries like MAF that we use regularly and who are often ready to help us out when something unplanned comes up.

There were so many details along the way that God worked out perfectly. I remember in the hospital feeling so terrible but at the same time grateful for everything God provided through all of the different people who were so gracious and willing to help.’

What a remarkable story and so wonderful to see both mother and daughter beaming at me when they realised I was with MAF. I love our organisation and what we’re able to do because of so many worldwide praying and supporting us to extend ourselves to so many on the field.

Story: Jill Vine